30 juli 2010

Secret Whispers & Reach for the stars

I have 2 new fun kits to show you!

The first is a collab by EHStudios and Sabrina Creations!
Secret Whispers

and here are two LO's by me

You can buy this gorgeous kit at MScraps

The next kit is a new one by MC Designs.
Reach for the stars

This is what I made with it

you can buy this lovely kit at Digidesignresort

This page also was placed in gallery highlights at Digi ridoo!

29 juli 2010

--NEW-- Eve by Jade Designs & GSO!

and my LO

You can find this gorgeous kit HERE
And I recieved a GSO from Christie at DST!!
Thank you sweetie!!!

28 juli 2010

And then....

So the walls are done, and then?
We bought a new cabinet serie at IKEA. You can choose how you want it, inside and out, a little this a little that.
So Paul started putting it together as I finished the second and finale coat on the pink wall. The doors/covers come in pink, blue, green, white and wood.

Then the lamp went up.

 Shortly after that Kate came home from her sleep overs at Nana and grandad... and sees her new room!
A lot of ooooo and aaaaah en oooooh!

and the toys came out and she climbed in and out!

We bought a chalkboard sticker for her door, in the shape of a flower. We put the sticker on together, was a hard job :S

This is a preview of the wallpaper that will be running along the whole wall underneath the window.
We hope to do this tomorrow.

We decided to put her bed in her new room already. We asked her if she wanted to sleep here yet and she said yes :) 
I have new sheets for her bed that goes along with her room. But they're in the wash.

Kate all ready for bed!

A look inside her cabinets

A place for everything!
I will show you new photo's once her room is finished :)

Artwork finished!!

Good afternoon!
We went to the movies last night, just the two of us. We saw Inception! A very good movie!
Afterward I just had to finish that drawing!!!! *blushes*

This is what I did before the movie

And this is what I did in the middle of the night LOL

I'm sooooo proud of myself! Have a huge headache from concentrating and looking really close but as always the results are stunning!
My coffee cup is empty so I off to refill and paint the big wall pink again!

26 juli 2010

Paint paint paint!

Ok I'm sitting down with a cup of coffee and can not see another drop of paint tonight hihi!!
Both offwhite walls are done and the first of the 2 layers of Candy pink is on the walls

here are 2 close ups on the drawing

and the pink walls

and a beginning of coloring in the drawing

Also another LO to share with you

Lily Designs - Paint the Ocean
Lily Designs - Autumn by the bay

photo's taken July 2010 - first trip to the sea!

Another 2 GSO's!! *post edited*

I've been very busy the past few days working on my DD new bedroom.
Painting the walls and designing the walls.
I drew this on the wall:

but mirrored in a corner.
A lot of printing, cutting, celetaping and drawing and uppermost concentration hihi

This is how far I am:

The first offwhite wall

 and the second white wall, accross from the first..

They yellow wall you see will become (as the pot of paint says) Candy pink. The branch too, so you have a flow from one wall to the next.

But in the evening I take my needed rest and after cuddles, kisses, giggles and lullabyes I scrap..

This is one of the pages I made:
Lily Designs - Autumn by the bay
Lily Designs - Paint the ocean
Kimla Designs - Sea Diary
Zinnias&Swallowtails - HeirloomGarden

journal reads:
The waves washed up over your
feet and you giggled.
It was music in my ears.
I enjoyed watching you
take everything in, the
sounds, smells, feelings.
Your first day at the beach is
a day I certainly won't forget
July 2010

And checking my mails this morning before continuing on the painting I saw that 
Akizo gave me a GSO!!!
Thank you so much sweetie!!!

*edit* I also recieved a GSO for this page at DST from Jimena! Thank you very much!!

22 juli 2010

2 GSO's!!! Wow!

We went to the beach yesterday!
It was the first time ever for Kate and my first time on a dutch beach.
We visited Wijk aan Zee.
A gorgeous beach! Nice and big with stunning views!

And of course I took tons of photo's!!
And of course I just had to start scrapping with some!

I made this one so far

Zinnias&Swallowtails - Freshcut Verbena
Kimla Designs - Sea Diary

and I was wiped away buy all the love I recieved!!!
I even got 2 GSO's!!
One at DST and one at After5!!

Thank you to Fairyflies and Mary!!

D'@mour has a sale!!

GSO @ MScraps!

I recieved a GSO at MScraps!!! with this LO:

Joyce Paul - A bliss
Joyce Paul - Colourful journey
Ruth Melody - Fancy stitches
Rina Kroes - mask

Thank you Suzie very much! 
You've made my day!!!!

21 juli 2010

A freebie to celebrate!!!!!

Goodevening everyone!

I can't believe it! I've reached 3000 vistors!!!
So I decided to celebrate!

I recieved so much love on this LO that I've decided to use this to make my first template!
I made it 3600x3600. 
In .psd as well as .pspimage and psp12 compatible!

Click on the preview to download it!
And please come back and leave your link here! 
I would love to see what you have made with it!!!

Thanks for all your support and love!