12 juni 2011

Some new stuff and a littl fyi

Hi there peeps! Sorry I'm such a low profile these days. I'm not so nauseous anymore but majorly tired and sluggish and have a hard time keeping up here and there and my mojo comes and goes frequently :(
I have also cut back on a few CT sadly :( But I want to give my fullest to them, if I can't then I'd rather make room for another lucky gal to have fun!

We recently had a fun-ultrasound and found out the sex of the baby!!! We are so in love!
The baby was also in a good position for some 3D photo's of it's face! Amazing!
I am almost half way there. In a little 2 weeks time we have the medical 20 week echo and we are hoping all is well. But I won't be at ease until I have the little one in my arms!

What is the sex? Keep an eye out, I might scrap about it ;)

Here are my recent pages for MScraps:



I scraplifted this from Ona's (wombat146) page @ MScraps
Uh La La - Just Because Studio

That's it for the  moment. Again I'm sorry for not blogging like I used to!
Big hugs and kisses, Helen