26 mei 2010

The night sky is another bright star richer...


Today I paid my respects to a star, Sterre*
 11 mths old and too young to leave us.
After a hard battle against HLH (leukemia) and things looking brighter the world collapsed and she lost her finale battle....
She touched the hearts of many.
Many grieve with her mum and big brother.
So today I built up my courage and gather with others.
Today we sat in a row holding hands and weeping tears.
Today Sterre* watched over with her gorgeous smile..
A tiny pink coffin surrounded with flowers and teddies.
A room filled with grief and love.
I am sorry I did not have the chance to meet her before this sad ending.
But she will always be carried in my heart.
Her mum will always be carried in my heart.

Another thought journey starts for her today.
Moving on without Sterre*. Just the two of them, not three.
My thoughts and prayers are with them.
My hugs and snuggles, my mother heart cries out in agony and pain.
No child should be taken from it's mother..


Dear sweet Sterre* 
I hope you have found peace and are painfree.
I hope your new pair of wings flutter in every breeze..


Never give up
never forget
never stop loving



24 mei 2010

Another LO and Shabby challenges

Paislee Press & Feifei - Embrace

Made for GrandTheftPickle_May'10
I picked this LO from Rory
MKDesigns - Love is in the air

Photo taken May 2010

Made for Gherkin Mix'n Match May '10

Kasia Designs - Owlie loves you
FizzyPop - Sidekicks pack nr.7

photo taken May '10

23 mei 2010

Scrap and a MScraps challenge

I made this with Run in Circles. Created by CheYang Designs and EH Studios.
I got RAKd with this gorgeous happy kit!!

This is a template challenge from the new weekly challenges on MScrap.

JoycePaul&PollyRufus - Mumbai Lullaby
TStroud - Sunshine song
DCouture - Time to grow

I love life - MC Designs

MC Designs has a stunning new kit out!!

And these are my LO's:

You can buy this kit HERE and the matching alpha HERE

21 mei 2010

Some pictures

I took some awesome pics this week!

The first few I treated with actions from m4h and with Kasia's textures.
These photo's where also taken today.

The next few I treated in LR and adjusted in PSPx2. And some of the are treated with Kasia's textures as well.

These are from last sunday

And these today as well

And a few from my garden

19 mei 2010

A perfect day

FizzyPop Designs - Summerdaze
Micheline Martin - Summerdaze

photo's taken Aug. '09


FizzyPop Designs - Vertical Stacker
Kasia Designs - Flirty Turquoise

photo taken May 2010

17 mei 2010

Kate nr. 33

CD - Photooverlays4
CD - Zen Garden

photo's from May 2010

16 mei 2010


One of our two cats, Dixie. She's 50% turkish angora and 50% european shorthair.

Journal says:

You look left and right spits your ears and if the
coast is clear you pick a nice, warm spot on the
couch, in the sun. stretch your paws and yawn really
big and the close your fab green eyes and take a

CD - Catitude


Template - WendyW
Kasia Designs - Cherish this day
Kasia Designs - FrameMe2 text4

photo taken may 2010

15 mei 2010

Autumn & My wish for you

ad77designs - Unlocked Autumn

BSD - blogtrain template
Che Yang/EH Studios - My wish for you

is to grow up being whatever you want
whatever makes you happy then so be it
just be yourself, lead your own way, and
i hope that you will seek us from time
to time for comfort and wise words.

photo was taken at 1 day old

14 mei 2010

A few more pics...

These photo's were treated with m4h actions and then I used a freebie texture from Jessica Drossin